May 2015 we went on a launch tour “Lytte til på reisa” In Nordland county. We invited the public to a performative happening with collective listening exercises, launching of the soundmap and the map as a part of a collective “sound-raising”, musical interpretations of archival discoveries as well as presentation of our individual artistic sound projects. We also did sound recordings for the sound map along the road.


  • -Vister / Austeen presents the art project Sounds like Nordland
  • -Introducing and doing a concerted listening exercise
  • -performance: Let the oil lie – freely after Vulkan by the band RV19
  • -Elin plays an excerpt from her sound work Røster # 3
  • -Introducing the SOUNDmap – Sounds like Nordland
  • -Siri presents excerpts from a new sound track for the silent film Lofoten blacksmith by Carl Nesjar.
  • -We performe a coverversion of Archives in Nordland with the song The flickering sounds of life!

Tour stops:
Wedensday 20. May – 18.00   Sortland old cinema, Sortland / Suortta (sami)
Thursday 21. May – 20.00  The Hamsun Centre, Hamarøy / Hábmer
Friday 22. May – 19.00   Arbeideren, Kabelvåg /
Saturday 23. May – 14.00   Litterature hall, Stormen library Bodø / Bodåddjo

We found a lovely recording at Arkiv i Nordland (Archive in Nordland) named Livets farvespill with Nora Larsen Sørvågen who sings and plays Zither. We assume that she wrote this herself. In gratitude and inspiration we rewrote the text and in the new version the colours of life was exchanged for the sounds of life. Livets Lydspill was a part of our tour program and this video shows our warming up at the Hamsun Center roof top - before our evening preformance 21. of May 2015.