Sounds like Nordland  (SLN) take an artistic approach on archive and archive material. It begun in 2012 as a collaboration with Arkiv i Nordland (Archive Nordland) and was funded by The Norwegian Arts Council through their focus Hva er det med Arkiv ? SLN wish to promote the significance of sound as a contemporary document and investigates Nordland/Sápmi as an acoustic landscape. Based on a collection of sounds submitted from people in the region, our personal recordings from the area and sounds from Archive Nordland, Sounds like Nordland wishes to create a new and inspiring platform for artistic interpretations of  sonic archive material.

Our sound map:

We encourage everyone to participate! You can share your sounds from Nordland at this website!

The sound of lived life is subject to constant change, in line with the activities we partake in, cultural and technological developments, changing ways of living, technology of communication, new materials in clothing and everyday commodities, modes of transportation, building methods and changes of season, landscape, climate and lifestyles. As with visual material, sound constitutes an important and complex depiction of time.

We call for you to submit the sound of your everyday life and the sound of cultural heritage and industry, modes of transport, an acoustic breakfast, nature and wildlife, noise, reindeer herding, agricultural machinery, subsonic sounds and underwater sounds, a typical sound from where you live, of your dialect, the sound of the night, of your school, media, your art project, historical sounds that no longer exist, but that can be conveyed through recordings of a description. It is up to you to decide if you want your contribution to be downloadable by others or not.


To direct a focus on Nordland County/Sápmi as a rich acoustic territory has been a component of both artists practice in the  recent years. Since 2007 Austeen has been engaged in the project Sounds like Vågan – a sonic mapping of a municipality in Lofoten, where the goal was to create a living sound archive as a frame for a new official sound mark for the area. Øyen Vister has collected soundscapes in the Røst archipelago in Lofoten through Soundscape Røst and co runs the artist in residency Røst Air  (www.rostair.com) at Skomvær Lighthouse station.

Sounds like Nordland received financial support from  The Art Council of Norway in 2012, through their focus What is it about achives? / Hva er det med Arkiv?



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